ERST center clamp – precision and power combined in the center

Our centering vise enables the exact machining of workpieces to the specified axis of symmetry or rotation. It is used for conventional and CNC-controlled manufacturing tasks on various machine tools and production systems. It is perfectly suited for safe and vibration-free clamping – even at highest cutting and feed forces. Our center clamp offers you maximum precision and flexibility for all applications.

Your advantages:

Adjustable spindle bearing ensures 100% zero position.
The tension and compression anchor system prevents distortion of the base body.

The top jaws are interchangeable and thus offer an almost unlimited range of jaws. They can also be screwed from below for mold jaws.

The base body has generously dimensioned, hardened and ground guide rails on all sides.

The spindle has a lubrication system. From ZM, the guide can also be lubricated.

The base body is fastened to the base plate from above – without interfering screws from below.

Pre-stamping is possible in order to work with reduced clamping forces for sensitive components/workpieces.

For in-line clamping, a floating position is possible (right and left fixed, center floating).

The base plate is suitable for almost all zero point clamping solutions

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