ranux – grid plate – the basis for precision and flexibility

Our ranux system is the basis of workpiece clamping. It is used on a zero point clamping system as well as directly on the machine table.

  1. On the machine table:
    Whether zero point clamping system, vice or clamps, short set-up times and flexible clamping with highest repeatability.
  2. On the zero point clamping system:
    The RANUX can be used on a wide variety of zero point clamping systems.
    When using multiple platens, clamping, of complex or bulky parts, during the running time of another machining part, is possible outside the machine.

Your advantages:

Fast setup due to most accurate positioning.

Various possibilities for flexible clamping, even of “shapeless” parts, due to the grid dimension of 48mm.

The protective radii on the fitting holes are insensitive to damage and prevent the centering plugs from becoming misaligned.

Interchangeable thread inserts in M6, M8, M10, M12, M16 (special threads on request).

By means of connecting elements, several plates can be connected with an exact fit to the size of the machine table. Displacement is impossible even under high load.

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